Welcome to Horsforth Taxis

Welcome to the Horsforth Taxis website. We provide the best options for getting to and leaving Horsforth via private hire.

Arrow Private Hire

Arrow are one of the most well established taxi companies in Leeds and have a large fleet of well kept vehicles. Arrow offer a transfer service from Leeds Bradford airport in addition to a local service helping shoppers around the Horsforth area get from a to b.

Call Arrow now on: 0113 258 5888

Registered Head Office: 107 109 New Side Road, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 4QD

Abbey Cars

Abbey Cars are a new taxi company based part-way up Town Street. They offer a relatively quick and reliable service to the local area.

Call Abbey Cars now on: 0113 350 50 50

Registered Head Office: 58 Town St West York LS18

Getting a Taxi in Horsforth

As you would expect in any area, getting a taxi in Horsforth very much depends on the time of day that you call and it is always better to plan in advance and book beforehand. If you need a taxi at the last minute then you could expect to be waiting up to 15 - 20 minutes although sometimes it can be quicker. Your location will also be a factor. If you are getting a taxi from Town Street, it will arrive more quickly than if you are trying to book from Low Lane or Station Road.

Getting an Uber in Horsforth

If you can't find a local company you can always book an Uber. There are always plenty of Uber cars roaming around Horsforth and you should be able to get a car within a 5 - 10 minutes.